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Read It On Tapastic:

Read It On Tapastic:

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These and my other comic series can be found on Tapastic. Alternatively, you can also find them in my
DA gallery folders, however here I update them less frequently so if you want to get email notification when the update happens please consider subscribing at Tapastic!

Update! SKMS, RB, ETC?

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 24, 2015, 5:54 PM
Aww man...I just want to work on damn much.... '''ORZ
Like. I think about it every single day...but then I draw SKMS haha. Like I do now pfft.
I need to make better comic schedule because the raccoon-guilt-trip is killing me.
Is anyone still looking forward to these? Gotta make them anyway, just curious.

Also I can't wait to finish next 5 damn skms pages cos then there is a time-wrap and nothing will ever be the same :icontwinkieplz:
I keep forgetting to post here updates because it's so QUIET. Like, barely anyone ever comments here and Tapastic is full of people sharing their thoughts and opinions and it keeps me focused.
Is it like to everyone else these days, here on DA? It's kinda demotivating.
Then again, I kinda do the same thing *almost never leaves comments* :iconlovecom3plz:

The Question And Answer SKMS is still open on Tapastic so you can ask Leartes and John anything you wish lol and I will draw answer:

Uhhh, I guess that's all. Sorry for being slow with updates but my life have been quite hard recently and I just struggle to find motivation to even get out of the bed,  let alone do anything ORZ


Professional 2D Animator/Illustrator

Graduate of University of Edinburgh [Animation & Interactive Design], film director of animations selected by international film festivals & Sotheby.
Hobbyist Painter, Sculpture & Comic maker. Blablabla.
Jack of all trades :heart: ōuō *wink*

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I am friendly person trying to reply to almost every comment and I am happy to answer any question however since I receive many of those it might take me a while to get back to you ;v;

Who you like the best? 

20 deviants said Tsun Tsun John
20 deviants said Dere Dere Leartes
20 deviants said The fish-head boy. He still wonders somewhere in the wild!
7 deviants said The iceberg to your ship, Pepper c:


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Kufky Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Hey. Hey. HEY!

Have a good day :3
TotemEye Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Filmographer
Hiii! You too :heart: I hope you are doing well :hug:
SOLDIER-Mako-Eyes Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
do you have headcannon voices for leartes, john, rainy or crafty??
TotemEye Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Professional Filmographer
Hahahaaaaaa yessss +v+;; :heart:
It's actually one of these things about which I like to think quite a lot.

Crafty's: [Something between this...]…
[...and that....]… [Crafty's favorite sitting-at-jail song haha]
[If he didn't screw up his life early in his teen-hood after his parents died in the car crash, he would be a performer cos he has a really good singing voice]

Rainy's [I imagine him having good voice as well, even if he is not as passionate about singing [doesn't do it AT ALL], and maybe even, if their lives were different, being pulled into singing, the same way, he was pulled into crime ring by his younger brother] If he ever had singing voice, it would be higher and softer:…

Funny thing is that :'D While I work on SKMS...Rainy and Crafty are much better thought through...hahaaaa so it's easy to answer the question with them but when it comes to John and Leartes it's hard for me to point out specific people.
I imagine John speaking with Queen's English. Haha, I had few people on the year who spoke with posh accent and I just loved it. Unfortunately I cannot share any voice recording of my friends derpderp and some you tube ones are kinda weird [???] when I was trying to search for one. The best example of the accent and voice I guess, would be what SOOOO MAAAANY people suggested under the comic pages which is Benedict Cumberbatch. Pffft...his voice is actually quite fitting. Haha, I probably would never even watch a single film with this actor if not people reading skms telling me about him all the time. So thanks for them for talking about him cos they were quite right actually!!!

When it comes to Leartes, I imagine him having Scottish accent, but when it comes to the sound, it's hard for me to decide... :'D
Either: [teenhood early adulthood?]… OR [older????]…

Of course it's all left to people's imagination and interpretation [I really don't mind] but that's kinda how it is in my head [canon???] :'D

Thanks for asking! It was actually quite fun to think about it some more :heart:
Cheeseball987 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015  Hobbyist
man, it has been a loooong time since we talked to each other
>w> I have a couple 'f questions abut commissions, 'f it's okay to ask.
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